Tower Man

Pushkin st., "Avangard" stadium



Dmitry Alekseev

Dmitry is an artist born in 1963. He lives and works in Moscow.

Vladimir Tatlin built “Tower Man” or “Antenna Man” in the spirit of futuristic experiments. It is made of aluminum ladders and symbolizes the path, the ascent, the human connection to the sky.

Dmitri Alekseyev took part in the first Art Ovrag festival in 2011. We can find his paintings and graphic works in the collections of the Museum of Russian Contemporary Art, the Russian Cultural Foundation as well as in private collections in and outside Russia. He worked in theatre and cinema as production designer."


«Футуристы проявили громадную силу воли, чтобы нарушить привычку старого мозга, содрать огрубевшую кожу академизма и плюнуть в лицо старому здравому смыслу»

— Казимир Малевич художник-авангардист, основоположник супрематизма — одного из крупнейших направлений абстракционизма.