Zhukovsky district, 10/1



Zuk Club

Moscow art group. Team members: Sergey Ovseykin, Kirill Stefanov, Artem Stefanov, Alexander Kochergin, and Maxim Malyarenko.

The artists use a mixture of techniques and experiment with different artistic styles.

“The bird’s neck is twisted into a spiral, and the black island on which it stands looks ominous. The artists wanted to draw attention to the need to protect the environment.

The giant “Flamingo” on a nine-story building is one of the largest murals in the town. The Zuk Club team had to draw it while descending from the roof in full harness because they could not find a suitable telescopic lift.

“A bird on a tiny piece of land has become the protagonist of the piece. A huge gasoline stain spreading around the island symbolizes environmental disasters that frequently occur in the course of our lives. Because of that, the flamingo’s neck is turned into a spring. It had almost no chance to save itself.

Only hope and faith in a clean future is making it stay put“,

— the artists said.