Good harvest

Tsentralny district, 20



Slava PTRK

Slava Komissarov is an artist from Yekaterinburg. He uses different techniques of street art and different art styles. He creates events, performances, installations, collages, and internet art.

The huge painting on the wall of a nine-story building talks about simplicity, a hot summer, and loneliness.

The artist's primary objective is to convey the essence of his statement in a clear and concise form. He tries to create detailed, understandable pieces that are embedded in the context of the location where they are created.

“The piece from the “Loneliness” series is a first experiment with converting small characters to a monumental scale. The piece is about the homeland, summer, and nostalgia. There is pure color and a lot of space to stimulate the audience’s imagination,”

— the artist said.