Ilya Mozgi

Tsentralniy district, 11b



Ilya Mozgi

He is a street artist. He was born in the town of Shadrinsk, Kurgan Region, Russia. In 2004, he developed an interest in graffiti.

"Ilya's early works are classic graffiti scripts. Later, the artist deviated from scripts making his work more artistic and surreal. This painting is of the latter kind.

"Hopeless romantics are engaged in illegal painting in the street. Without looking for personal gain an in the teeth of the public opinion. Working where no one expects you requires great strength and patience. After more than 10 years, I continue to do this with unabated desire and verve,"

— said the artist in an interview to


 One of Ilya's works called "Noterday" was published in the British "Street Art" collection by Simon Armstrong in 2020. In that painting, he modified the word "yesterday", replacing "yes" with "no" as a reflection of the cyclical nature of time. The artist gave a photograph of the painting to Simon Armstrong in 2018 after they met at the preview of the "Nemoskva" project.

The Cropp brand used a piece by Ilya called "This inscription is made illegally" on a collection of jackets without securing the artist's consent.