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Philip Bodelock

Philip was born in 1974 in France. He does graphics and street art, works in many countries in Europe. To quote the artist himself: "I work wherever I am welcome."

A monochrome canvas, on the silhouette of an animal is expertly drawn with graceful thin lines. The sperm whale is filled with geometry, curls and lines. It is chaos personified.

Philip creates large-scale crayon and oil pastel illustrations on walls covered with black matte paint. The author’s style is strict lines combined with many images inside the image.


The artist made his first chalk drawing on a black wall in a street in 2009. Photos of the animal shape with cosmic patterns inside went viral across the Internet. This technique has become Philip’s unique style. Nature interests him in a broader context. It is the universe, outer space and everything that arises from this interaction.

“It was really a matter of price: with a pack of 10 or 12 crayons, I could draw on such a large wall. The idea was so simple, pragmatic,”

— on first crayon drawings in an interview to