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Pasha 183

Pavel Puhov (1983 -2013) was a Russian graffiti artist who also did street installations and paintings.

"I wanted to bring a captivating story to this atmosphere of an old residential building. It turned out to be something that even resembles an icon,"

— Pavel said.

Pavel was born in Moscow. He has a degree in design. He is famous for his grandiose pieces that grace the urban environment. According to Alexis Lerner of The Calvert Journal: “For Pasha, street art was a vital tool to force citizens to regain their self-expression.”



In January 2012, the British The Guardian published some of his works calling him Banksy from Moscow.

After Pasha's death, Banksy posted a piece dedicated to his memory on his website. This was an image of a balloon with a flickering flame coming out of it and spelling "P183 R.I.P.”.