Tsentralny district, 3



Konstantin Danilov ZMOGK

is a Russian artist who works in the street art and the graffiti genres. He started creating in the late 1990s.

The artist's painting is the embodiment of the image of nature. Flowers and lines intimate floral motifs.

Lightness, bright colors, dynamic and seemingly chaotic elements characterize Konstantine’s art. In his work, the artist relies on his own emotions. He is interested in feelings and perceptions of the world.


"“My art is an intricate game of memory and fantasy. It reflects the search for a balance between the intuitive, the unconscious, the maximum freedom at the initial stage of creating a picture and the clear, ordered rational phase of its completion.

Combining these opposite approaches in my work, I create geometric compositions that are abstract at first glance, with built-in color and lines making a reference to Cubism, expressionism, and Fauvism. I experiment with the plot, often including specific forms such as faces, landscapes that the viewer can see and feel in his or her own, sometimes a completely different, way,”

—  the artist said about his work on his page on the