Surreal composition

Krasnaya Ploshchad st., 7




Andrei and Mikhail Rudnev are twin brothers from the town of Kirov, Kaluga Region, Russia. They graduated from the department of art and graphics at the Sholokhov Moscow State University of Humanities. They were participants in the first Art Ovrag festival in 2011.

The work is a surreal three-dimensional illusion. The world on the surrounding surface is more or less understandable, and yet human consciousness is a cosmos of the unknown and the new. Looking into this world and creating a sketch approximating it is the task of surrealism.

“Surrealism is not a political party, not a label but a state of mind not constrained by slogans or morality. Surrealism is complete human freedom and the right to dream. I’m not a surrealist, I’m surrealism,“

— Salvador Dalí (one of the most prominent surrealists).

Art Ovrag 2013. Vyksa, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia, May 30, 2013.

The brothers are professional artists that work in a variety of techniques, create three-dimensional paintings on walls and pavements, and create artistic illustrations.