"Vyksa" Interactive installation



Company of architects

Each project has its own company. The people who worked on the installation are Artem Chernikov, Ilya Ivankin, Mikhail Razumovsky, and Dmitry Ivanov.

3D letters spelling “Vyksa” have found a home in the town park and have become a favorite location where residents come to relax. Swings and benches are built into the letters, and you can use the ladders to climb to the platforms at the top.

Architect Artem Chernikov invented the “Company of Architects”. A company (artel in Russian) is a group of people coming together for collaborative activities such as fishing, logging, and others. It is convenient within the framework of the festival.

"The person that gets the company together becomes its foreperson (“ryadchik” in Russian),"

— Artem Chernikov said in an interview for the blog of the “MARSh Lab” Centre for Architectural Initiatives of the Moscow Architectural School.


The wooden letters fit into the landscape of the park becoming a place of attraction.