This is not a dream



Timofey Radya

Contemporary Russian artist from Yekaterinburg. He was born in 1988. He works in a style of street art.

This is not a dream” was made for the Art-Ovrag festival. It is to be found in the Posadka, a town park that used to be abandoned.

The inscription makes sense of this “dark place”, to help realize the context of a forest on a micro-scale, and the town of Vyksa, as a point on the ground.

As the artist said: “A dream, whether a nightmare or a wonder remains a delusion. It often seems to me that the city is the darkest forest that deceives a person, makes him or her wander around for many years. So, you need an antidote, a short shining nihilistic spell that says, “I want to wake up, but all this is not a dream.”


Timofey graduated from the Urals State University with a degree in philosophy. He became interested in street art in his senior years at university:... “I decided street art is a good way to tell people about something important and make them hear you.”

The “Eternal Flame” project brought Timothy worldwide fame. These are portraits of residents of the Urals who fought in the battles of World War II carved into the facade of a military hospital. His piece called “Your move” (bridge supports painted to resemble dominoes) is listed in “Trespass” which is one of the world’s most prominent street art catalogs.

“I paint only what is interesting and important to me today. I cannot do something if I am not interested in it. What’s the use of lying? I’m not interested in politics,”

— Timofey said.